How to choose a logo designer in Bhubaneswar : 6 easy steps

Sep 28, 2020
logo designer in bhubaneswar

Find the right logo designer in Bhuabneswar.

When you have decided to have a logo that represents your business, then choosing a designer who will create that all important logo is utmost important. After all logo is as important as your products are. So, here i try to make some important points while searching a logo designer in bhubaneswar.

Logo is the first thing that creates an impression for your business. However a wrong choice may be hazardous for your business. Hence, here are few of the pointers that will definitely aid you in choosing the right logo designer in bhubaneswar.

1. Experience

Experience definitely counts. And a logo designer with long experience will hardly put a wrong step forward. Logo designers with experience know the trend, had worked for different industries, knows the intricacies of production process and can visualise it beforehand from the briefings of the client. Many times designers are boastful of their past works.

However a look at their past work tells a different story. Portfolios reveal more about the logo designers then intended. Also talking with them behind the concept of each logo further clears the picture. One can also make a generalised impression once he/she sees past work.

2. Do they follow a design process?

See to it that they follow a proper logo designing process. Whipping out logos left right and centre means the designer is a copycat who lacks originality. There is a process to follow and it takes time.

A proper Brand identity is extremely important as that is how the logo is used by various personnel of different functional department across the company. Also the kit ensures proper and justified usage of the logo. Designer with in-depth knowledge can only create a brand identity kit.

Below is an example of brand identity kit.

3. Original & Flexible

Today lots of people refer online platform to create logo. But they all look identical. You need to see if he is copying from online sources or using readymade stuffs like cliparts etc. This may lead to have a similar logo to most in your town. So you must avoid generic logo. Find more about generic logo here.

Every logo designer needs to be flexible enough to incorporate any changes in the brief or thought by the client. Sometimes after the first cut while planning revisions the client may ask for some drastic departure from the original brief. A rigid designer is a big no for clients.

4. Asking the right questions

Logo symbolises few things like ambition, principle, social responsibility etc. During the briefing see to it that the designer is asking the right questions to properly understand the business, concept, responsibility.

Just making a logo out of thin air is simply nonsense. Instead a logo is a work of research, conceptualisation and ideation. Below is an example how iconic logos are created based on ideation and research.

6 steps to choose a logo designer in Bhubaneswar.

You have seen toyota’s logo, right. There’s a “T” in it. It has been given an artistic expression. But that is what not the logo is all about. It has Three ellipses that represents three hearts. The heart symbolises the heart of customer, the other the heart of product and the last ellipse represents the growth and progress in Technology.

5. Budget friendly

While there are no parameter to gauge the talent or put a price tag on their work, sometimes designers appear to be unreasonable in their asking price. Though some may afford it, always stick to your price bracket and find somebody within that range.

Of course creativity has no limits, but the greats too deliver mediocre work sometimes. But keep one thing in mind that “ you get what you pay for “.

6. Positive and unbiased testimonials

Gather testimonials from different sources like online platform, friends, colleagues, and competitor. Kindly note that the testimonials need to be unbiased or impartial. Testimonials will further help in vetting the right logo designer in bhubaneswar.

The clientele of logo designer will give you a better picture. Reputed, demanding clients will never work with substandard logo designers. The designer’s creative and service depth is often measured by the clients they are serving. Here is the example of cornerstone digital which is serving few of the best brands in Bhubaneswar.


This one is simple. Go and meet the logo designer. There a lot of things will be cleared and one can easily evaluate the designer based on the above parameters.

So above are in my view few of the things you can consider while looking for a logo designer in bhubaneswar. But it is advisable to always take time and don’t rush as logo is the face of your business and you can not afford to mess with it. You can find some more information about choosing a logo designer here.

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